Abandoned Old Workshop

Abandoned Old Workshop

Quick Reference

Boss Mini-Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
- - - Small Hair Ornament
Old Hunter Bone
Doll Set
Third Umbilical Cord
- -


To get to the Abandoned Old Workshop you first need to defeat the Blood-starved Beast.

After it's defeat, the door to the right of the Cathedral Ward lamp will open, allowing you to take the elevator up to the Healing Church Workshop. After crossing the bridge, go right and drop down a level.

If you turn left after entering the tower, you'll see ropes going down from the end of the scaffold, that's where you need to jump down. You can either try to follow the ropes, or cross the room, go down a level and run-jump from there.

Open the door and proceed forward to receive The Source of the Dream trophy.




How to Get to the Abandoned Old Workshop - Lucians_sword

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