Sister Adella


Adella is a nun of the Healing Church that has been imprisoned in Hypogean Gaol.
She is a friendly NPC that can be saved and brought to Oedon Chapel.



  • Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

    Adella can be found in the lower levels of Hypogean Gaol. To get there, the player needs to get "kidnapped" by being killed by a Snatcher, which will spawn after defeating the Blood-starved Beast.
    Upon getting killed, the player awakes in a cell in Hypogean Gaol. Adella will be hiding in a corner of the room, terrorized and praying. Only after the player speaks to her while wearing Church attire, she will calm down and talk to the player normally.

    Examples include:
    Black Church Set
    White Church Set
    Executioner Set
    Gascoigne's Set
    Tomb Prospector Set

    She then can be given the option to move to either the Cathedral Ward or Iosefka's Clinic (provided the player knows about this locations).

    If the player withheld information about a safe location or hasn't found her before the Blood Moon rises, her corpse can be found lying in front of a door, in the streets of Hypogean Gaol.
    Her Oedon Writhe Rune can be taken from her corpse.


  • If sent to the Cathedral Ward
    • Teaches the Church Bow (Female) gesture.
    • Gives Blood of Adella until defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider. It's only possible to accept her blood when there is no Blood of Arianna in the player's inventory.
    • If the player accepts Arianna's Blood more than 3 times, Adella will kill Arianna.
    • If she killed Arianna, Adella will become hostile after the Blood Moon has risen. She will be outside the church and attack the player on sight.
    • If she has not killed Arianna, she will no longer offer her blood to the player after the Blood Moon has risen. Instead, she will sit in her corner of the church, awaiting the player's return.



  • Adella can be seen eavesdropping whenever the player talks to Arianna.
  • Although Adella never directly confirms that she killed Arianna, her hands will be covered in blood and Arianna will be gone, with just a puddle of blood to be found on her seat, implying that Adella killed her, possibly out of jealousy.
  • After the Blood Moon has risen, it's no longer possible to acquire her gesture nor her blood.
  • Like the other NPCs, Adella may be killed by the Suspicious Beggar, if he was sent to the Cathedral Ward.
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