Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods


Alfred is met for the first time in the Cathedral Ward behind the tomb that leads to Old Yharnam. He is an executioner of the Logarius band and rewards the player with the Wheel Hunter Badge upon completing his quest to destroy the Vilebloods.



Central Yharnam

  • Can be summoned down the stairs to the left of the Central Yharnam lantern just before the entrance into the dark building.

Cathedral Ward

After killing Vicar Amelia

  • Above the passworded door.

After receiveing Unopened Summons he'll move to Vileblood Queen's Chamber.


  • Provides lore information.
  • Gives the player Fire Paper x3 and Pray if they accept cooperation with Alfred.
  • Gives the player Wheel Hunter Badge and Radiance upon completing the his quest to destroy the Vilebloods.


  • After following his quest to its conclusion return to the first place he is encountered in Cathedral Ward and Radiance will be on his corpse.


  • Very reminiscent of the character Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls:
    • Both are voiced by Daniel Flynn (and sound almost identical albeit with Alfred's voice lacking the muffling effect of Solaire's helmet).
    • Both strictly follow a certain kind of religion and pursue their goal almost fanatically.
    • Both offer help toward the player on the basis of having similar motives as the player.
    • Both have blonde hair.


Voiced by: Daniel Flynn

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