Arcane Haze

Arcane Haze

In-Game Description

Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

The tiny smatterings of haze that are found in certain ritual
materials. Sometimes required for special rites.

The additional rite Sinister Bell makes the bell-ringing
woman appear, and when she rings a sinister bell, hunters
from other worlds will be beckoned as adversaries.


General Information

  • Used in Holy Chalice ritual.

Sell Price

Parenthesis # Blood Echoes
N/A 1

Haze Extraction

Ritual Material Haze Extracted
Ritual Blood (1) 2
Ritual Blood (2) 5
Ritual Blood (3) 7
Ritual Blood (4) 10
Ritual Blood (5) 12
Tomb Mould (1) ?
Tomb Mould (2) 5
Tomb Mould (3) 7
Tomb Mould (4) 10
Tomb Mould (5) ?
Coldblood Flowerbud 7
Coldblood Flower Bulb 10
Blooming Coldblood Flower ?
Bloodshot Eyeball 5
Red Jelly 5
Pearl Slug 5
Sage's Hair ?
Sage's Wrist 5
Inflicted Organ 5
Yellow Backbone 11
Bastard of Loran ?
Living String ?
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