Arianna, Woman of Pleasure


Arianna, Woman of Pleasure
  • A woman of pleasure whose blood might be more than it seems.


  • Cathedral Ward
    • Pass the gate opened with Hunter Chief Emblem, to the left there are stairs leading to the back alley that is used to get to the Grand Cathedral. She can be found at the bottom of the stairs, to the left.




  • Sister Adella might kill her if you take blood from Arianna when she's there.
  • She'll get unresponsive come the Red Moon and she'll move down Oedon Sewers after killing Micolash Host Of The Nightmare. There, she will give birth to a child. To find them, warp to the Cathedral Ward lamp, then turn around and go down the stairs, then down a ladder; or to the Tomb of Oedom lamp and proceed as you normally would. She will be on a chair next to the bottom of the ladder.
  • Her child will drop Third Umbilical Cord when killed.
  • When her child is killed, she will die with it whether you hit her or not.
  • Her dialogue is different depending on the player character's gender. She is much less flirtatious towards female characters.
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