Augur of Ebrietas

Augur Of Ebrietas


In Game Description

Remnant of the eldritch Truth encountered at Byrgenwerth.

Use phantasms, the invertebrates known to be augurs of the
Great Ones, to partially summon abandoned Ebrietas.

The initial encounter marked the start of an inquiry into the
cosmos from within the old labyrinth, and led to the
establishment of the Choir.

Short Description

Partially summon Ebrietas.



Summons multiple tentacles of Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos to extend directly forward 8 feet from of the player and deal Arcane damage to anything they touch.
Smaller enemies such as enemy Hunters will be knocked down if struck by this.


  • Requires 18 Arcane to equip. Has an S scaling with Arcane.
  • Consumes 1 Quicksilver Bullet per use.
  • Summoning the tentacles of Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos whilst confronting her has no apparent effect on her body.
  • When timed correctly, Augur of Ebrietas is capable of staggering enemies in order for a Visceral Attack to be preformed.
    • However, due to the lengthy recovery time (the period where the player cannot preform actions after casting), it is often difficult to proceed with a Visceral Attack when enemies are staggered in this manner.
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