Beast Claw

Beast Claw

In-Game Description

Beastly weapon wielded by Irreverent Izzy.

Crafted by chiseling the long bones of an undead darkbeast
and fastening them to the weapon. The bones are still alive,
and when unleashed, grant its wielder a spurt beastly

As flesh is flayed and blood is sprayed, the beast within
awakens, and in time, the wielder of this weapon surges with
both strength and feverish reverie.



  • Ailing Loran chalice treasure. Found in layer 2 in a treasure room found before the second layer lantern. Door is on the right.
  • Can be bought in the shop without needing to find it in Ailing Loran if the player summons another player with a Beast Claw into the Hunter's Dream (only possible after refusing Gehrman's mercy).


  • Possibility to be found in Ailing Loran root chalice dungeons as a treasure.
  • Ailing Loran Root Chalice (use Glyph wxa3twxp) - found on layer 2.


  • Possibility to be found in Lower Loran root chalice dungeons as a treasure.
  • Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice (use Glyph 7r2q7gs5) - found on layer 3.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Attack Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Beast Claw 75/0/0/0/0 0 180 0/0/100/100 14/12/0/0

Move Set


  • Cannot use any Left Hand Weapons while the weapon is transformed. Instead, pressing L2 will use an attack that's available only while the weapon is transformed.
  • Transforming the claw will put you into the Beasthood state, the same as as consuming a Beast Blood Pellet except without the 60 second duration, indicated by the light brown smoke effect coming off your character. This effect lasts until the weapon is transformed back or switched out.
  • If you change the Beast Claw back with L1 or switch to a different weapon, the Beasthood meter and any Beasthood you've accumulated to that point will remain, but you'll no longer be able to build it up until you change the Beast Claw back or use a Beast Blood Pellet. The meter will constantly deplete until then, and you'll benefit from whatever damage boosts and defense drops you'd normally get until it runs out. This can be used to transfer your Beasthood bonuses to another, stronger weapon, like Ludwig's Holy Blade or the Kirkhammer.
    • Every physical attack made while the weapon is transformed will fill your Beasthood gauge by a little bit, which increases the physical damage you deal with each attack but also increases the damage you take by an equal amount.
    • Using Strong attacks (R2 and L2) will fill the meter faster than light attacks (R1).
  • You can use a Beast Blood Pellet with a transformed Beast Claw but it grants no additional benefit and actually resets your Beasthood meter to zero when it wears off.
  • It doesn't have a transforming attack from 1 claw to 2 claws.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
Blood Gem
Materials Cost Blood
Beast Claw +0 75/0/0/0/0 D/E/-/D 0 - -
Beast Claw +1 82/0/0/0/0 D/E/-/D 1 3x Blood Stone Shard ?
Beast Claw +2 89/0/0/0/0 D/E/-/D 1 5x Blood Stone Shard ?
Beast Claw +3 96/0/0/0/0 D/E/-/D 2 8x Blood Stone Shard ?
Beast Claw +4 103/0/0/0/0 D/E/-/D 2 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Beast Claw +5 110/0/0/0/0 D/D/-/D 2 5x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Beast Claw +6 117/0/0/0/0 D/D/-/D 3 8x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Beast Claw +7 124/0/0/0/0 D/D/-/D 3 3x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Beast Claw +8 131/0/0/0/0 C/D/-/D 3 5x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Beast Claw +9 138/0/0/0/0 C/D/-/D 3 8x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Beast Claw +10 150/0/0/0/0 C/D/-/D 3 1x Blood Rock ?

Blood Gem Imprints


  • Radial/Triangle/Radial


  • Radial/Waning/Radial


  • Radial/Triangle/Waning
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