Beast Hide Garb


In-Game Description

The bloodied hide of a horrible Cleric Beast, pulled over the back. Without the attacked beast hide this foreigner garb wouldn't raise anyone's eyebrows.

Brador donned a compatriot's beastly scalp and hide while still moist with blood. Most of the blood stains on this hide were from that day


  • Dropped by invading NPC Brador: invades in the Fishing Hamlet below the building supported by beams, right under the bridge where he invades after the Lighthouse Hut Lamp.
  • If Brador is killed, the item will be found where he would normally invade

General Information

Part of Brador's Set

Image Name Physical Defense
Blood Arcane Fire Bolt Slow Poison RES Rapid Poison RES Frenzy RES Beasthood
image Beast Hide Garb 90
110 110 100 110 60 58 9 40
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