Beast-possessed Soul


Cousin to werewolves, lost beneath the streets of Yharnham and deeper still, strikes with the fire
feared by its own kin…



Healing Church Workshop

Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 2768 4342


Central Pthumerian Labyrinth Layer One:Heart

Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
First Placeholder

Ailing Loran Layer One: Heart

Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
First Placeholder


Beast Rune- Healing Church
Tempering Blood Gemstone(2) (Central Pthumerian Labyrinth)
Fire Damp Blood Gem (5) (Ailing Loran)


  • The Beast-possessed Soul is a beast found at the bottom of the Healing Church Workshop and chalice dungeons, it shares various features from the previously encountered Werewolf enemy however clearly has transformed in a different way to that of the other Werewolves
  • The Beast Possessed Soul appears most frequently in low level chalice dungeons as a boss or sometimes as a normal enemy.

Attack Patterns

  • Attacks primarily consist of throwing fireballs after a long windup
  • Attacks with a flurry of claw swipes
  • Also has a fast moving forward jump with a slash on landing
  • Has a step forward Palm Strike that emits a small puff of fire, does high damage.

General Strategy

Attack while winding up double fireball attack or circle around for a backstab, if you get caught in the flurry dash forward to get behind him and then backwards until he is done, be wary of a leap forwards when healing. He will dash away when either knocked down or shot with a blunderbuss during idle animations granting healing time and breathing room. Relatively simple fight try and stay behind him.


Beast-possessed Soul parry tactic with blade of mercy

Level 4 Beast-possessed Soul Boss Fight by arctic_dan




The Beast Possessed Soul has a more humanoid form with a more structured approach to combat than the other Werewolves and transformed humans adopting various combat stances as well as a few moves that clearly require some finesse suggesting that this beast could have been a more skilled individual with combat prowess possibly a hunter (knowing that some beasts retain memories of their past see Father Gascoigne and music box or Vicar Amelia and Gold Pendant). How it ended up at the bottom of the hole at the Healing Church is anyone's guess though. One theory it was simply lured to the Healing Church and pushed down the hole (explaining the pile of debris in the room)… its not likely he was a human when put down there though because the door can be opened from the inside…

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