Beast Roar

Beast Roar

Beast Roar

One of the forbidden hunter tools made by Irreverent Izzy.

Borrow the strength of the terrible undead darkbeasts, if
only for a moment, to blast surrounding foes back with the
force of a roaring beast.

The indescribable sound is broadcast with the caster's own
vocal cords, which begs the question, what terrible things
lurk deep within the frames of men?

General Information

No. Held
Usage Type QS Bullet
Attribute Bonus Attribute Requirement
Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
1 99 Unlimited Use 2 - - - - - - - 15


Hunter's Dream

Vendor Start Sunset Night Red Moon New
Game #2
Sell Prerequisite
Blood Echoes - - - - - - None
Insight - - - - - - None

Chalice Dungeons

Vendor Start Sunset Night Red Moon New
Game #2
Sell Prerequisite
Bath Messenger - - - - - - None
Patches the Spider - - - - - - Amygdala has been slain.
Patches, the Spider is alive after confronting him in the Lecture Building.


  • Found in the Forbidden Woods inside the building past the wooden portculis and the cave that leads to an underground poisonous lake.


  • Causes a shockwave to emanate from the user in a short, spherical burst, causing heavy knockback to targets in the area.
    • Can deflect bullets and projectiles.
    • Does not inflict any damage.


  • Consumes no stamina upon use.
  • Has similar functionality to using the Dragon Torso Stone in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II after transforming into a dragon.


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