Black Church Garb

Black Church Garb

In-Game Description

Attire of Healing Church Hunters. The Holy Shawl, symbol of
the Healing Church, flutters proudly on their backs.

Most Healing Church hunters are elementary doctors who
understand the importance of early prevention of the
scourge, achieved by disposing of victims, and even potential
victims, before signs of sickness manifest themselves.

Their black attire is synonymous with fear, and that peculiar
Yharnam madness.


General Information

Part of the Black Church Set

Image Name Physical Defense
Blood Arcane Fire Bolt Slow Poison RES Rapid Poison RES Frenzy RES Beasthood
Bloodborne_Icon_Armor_Black_Church_Garb_Double.png Black Church Garb 90
110 110 100 110 60 58 9 40
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