Black Messenger Hat

Black Messenger Hat

In-Game Description

Hat that messengers are oddly fond of.

Symbol of the preventative hunters of the Healing Church.

The inhabitants of the stomp appear to have an interest in adornment. Why not let them be happy, and revel as babes?


  • From the lantern In Cathedral Ward, go left through the door and then head right up the stairs. Once you reach point at witch path splits, go right and open gate using Hunter Chief Emblem. Go forward into graveyard, and head straight through until you find staircase leading up. To the right side of the staircase is small path way that leads to switch that opens shortcut back to the Cathedral Ward. Left from the gate there is ladder leading up. Ascend the ladder to the top, and to the right will be gap in the fence. Simply drop down. After second drop corps containing Black Messenger Hat will be behind you.
  • If you have already opened the shortcut then from the lantern in Cathedral Ward, go forward through the door and then head right up the stairs. After the gate, climb up the ladder on the right and drop down two times look behind and you will find a corpse with Black Messenger Hat.

General Information

Stump Messenger with Black Messenger Hat

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