Blade of Mercy


Blade of Mercy

A special trick weapon passed down among
hunters of hunters. One of the oldest weapons
of the workshop.

Splits into two when activated. The weapon's
warped blades are forged with siderite, a rare mineral
of the heavens. Most effective swift attacks,
such as after a quick-stepping.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Effects
S. Poison/R. Poison/Vs. Kin/Vs. Beasts
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Blade of Mercy 60/0/30/0/0

0 200 0/0/100/100 7/11/0/0


Trick Transform

Warped blade transforms by splitting into two smaller blades.


Purchase from Bath Messengers for 40,000 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Crow Hunter Badge.

Move Set


  • Cannot use any Left Hand Weapons while the weapon is transformed. Instead, pressing L2 will use an attack that's available only while the weapon is transformed.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
Blood Gem
Materials Blood
Burial Blade +0 60/0/30/0/0 –/C/–/D 0 -
Burial Blade +1 66/0/33/0/0 –/B/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 3
Burial Blade +2 72/0/36/0/0 –/B/–/D 1 Blood Stone Shard 5
Burial Blade +3 78/0/39/0/0 –/B/–/D 2 Blood Stone Shard 8
Burial Blade +4 84/0/42/0/0 –/B/–/D 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 3
Burial Blade +5 90/0/45/0/0 –/A/–/C 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards 5
Burial Blade +6 96/0/48/0/0 –/A/–/C 3 Twin Blood Stone Shards 8
Burial Blade +7 102/0/51/0/0 –/A/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 3 500
Burial Blade +8 108/0/54/0/0 –/A/–/C 3 Blood Stone Chunk 5
Burial Blade +9 114/0/57/0/0 –/A/–/B 3 Blood Stone Chunk 8
Burial Blade +10 120/0/60/0/0 –/S/–/B 3 Blood Rock 1

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