Blood Bullets


To generate Blood Bullets, press up on the D-Pad; doing so will give you five Blood Bullets, at the cost of ~30% health. Rally can be used for a short time afterwards to regain the health lost. Blood Bullets act the same way as normal Quicksilver Bullets do, except they deal slightly more damage. You can only have 5 Blood Bullets at one time.

Official Description

Blood Bullets are crafted with your own blood and can replace Quicksilver Bullets for use in firearms. Press triangle to restock a Blood Bullet at the cost of HP. Blood Bullets are lost upon death or upon entering the Hunter's Dream.


  • When used in conjunction with the Cannon firearm, it is possible to fire two Cannon shots.
  • The rally period after using Blood Bullets is shorter than it normally is when you receive damage. (Needs to be tested)
  • Blood Bullets are consumed before Quicksilver Bullets.
  • Blood Bullets cannot be created if you have less than 30% HP.
  • Blood Bullets can be created if you already have some Blood Bullets remaining, though you will not get more than 5, and you will still sacrifice 30% HP.
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