Blood Rock

Blood Rock

In-Game Description

A large solid chunk that forms in coldblood.

After death, a substance in the blood hardens, and that
which does not crystallise is called a blood stone.

This is no mere chunk, it is nearly a boulder.

Few blood stones of such size have ever been discovered,
even considering the combined experience of all hunters.


  • Can be found as loot in depth 5 root chalice dungeons (limited supply).
  • Has a chance to drop from end level bosses in depth 5 root chalice dungeons (unlimited) .
  • One on a corpse near Mergo's Loft Middle. After dropping the Brain of Mensis, turn around and drop down the hole. Make your way outside, the corpse is inside the ruined tower on your right. You'll be able to see it before you drop down into the ruins.
  • Fishing Hamlet treasure. From the Lighthouse Hut lamp, take the shortcut elevator down, and head through the tunnels past the Winter Lantern enemy. In a cave full of jumping snails and lightning fishmen.
  • Sold by Bath Messenger (Insight) for 60 Insight after killing Mergo's Wet Nurse.


Used to fortify weapons from +9 to +10.


video guide - how to drop Mother Brain and get the Blood Rock.

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