Blood Vial

Blood Vial

In-Game Description

Special blood used in ministration. Restores HP.

Once a patient has had their blood ministered, a unique but
common treatment in Yharnam, successive infusions recall
the first, and are all the more invigorating for it.

No surprise that most Yharnamites are heavy users of blood.



Adds a percentage of health to the player's HP bar.

General Information

  • Press Triangle to use.
  • Heals 40% of HP
  • Can hold up to 20 in inventory, and up to 600 in storage.
  • Any picked up that would cause your inventory to exceed 20, are sent to storage.
  • Whenever you die or warp to a new area your inventory is refilled up to 20 from any available in storage.

Farming Guide

  • Warp to the 1st Floor Sickroom lamp.
  • Head towards the main road, killing any enemies on the way.
  • Kill the Executioner
  • Head up the main road, killing all the enemies.
  • Kill the Brick Troll on the other side of the door.
  • Kill both Wolf Beasts and the Brick Troll on the bridge.
  • Head left off the bridge, into the house, kill any enemies inside.
  • Kill the 2 Brick Trolls near the elevator.
  • Use a Bold Hunter's Mark to return to the lamp and respawn the enemies.
  • Each run yields 15-25 Blood Vials, as well as 15-20 Quicksilver Bullets.
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