The withered faces of these malformed creatures imply a vile loathing, for they are nothing more
than a gluttonous parasite always thirsting


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First =1347 (Cainhurst) 2,541 (Cainhurst) Fire Neutral


Item Notes
Bloodtinge gemstone (3) Forsaken Castle Cainhurst
Damp Bloodtinge Gemstone (5) Pthumeru Ihyll
Warm Damp Blood Gem (6) Pthumeru Ihyll


  • Can rarely appear as a regular enemy mob in Chalice Dungeons.
  • Appears in 3 variants identified by the size of their blood sacs, the smaller the blood sac generally the more dangerous due to increased mobility,

Attack Patterns

  • Swipe- can chain into multiple, attempt dodge around
  • Tongue lash (multiple strikes)
  • Pounce- Very dangerous due to its very wide hitbox, you should try and dodge as late and as wide as possible when you see this coming.
  • Back kick- Only when behind, knocks down.
  • The large blood sack versions shoot blood as a projectile

General Strategy

Their attacks are very quick, some only taking a fraction of a second, dodge to its sides before it attacks. Never back dash from this enemy because their pounce attack will catch you and do big damage. Be wary due to their resistance to stun locking and high speed these enemies generally become a task to beat, but the weapons that do have enough knockback to stagger them are very effective at keeping them stunlocked and make them much easier to deal with, weapons proven to keep them stunlocked (with R1s) are: the Kirkhammer (Transformed), Ludwig's Holy Blade (Transformed), Beast Cutter (Transformed), Boom Hammer and Amygdalan Arm





Located within the forsaken castle of Cainhurst, home of the Vilebloods. These Bloodsuckers are most likely nobles of the "Cainhurst Order", The description of the Reiterpallasch reads "The old nobles, long time imbibers of blood are no strangers to the sanguine plague" stating that nobles drink blood much alike the flea-like creatures they transformed into. Visually there are also implications to support this, the white stringy hair is a trait that those who wish to associate with Cainhurst seek to mimic based on the Knight's Wig, nobles likely by their bloodline possess hair of a similar nature. Where there is blood spilled in excess there are also Bloodlickers and in no short supply. Why they are found in the Hunter's Nightmare is not very clear however, it could be that because the Hunter's Nightmare exists on a different "plane" its possible they were formed by the nightmare itself, projections from the hunters trapped within the nightmare, indicating that they probably could have been marked for hunts in the reality that is the City of Yharnham and its surrounding areas…

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