Bloody Messenger Head Bandage

Bloody Messenger Head Bandage

In-Game Description

Accessory adored by naive messengers imitating the bandages of scourge victims, unaware of their meaning. The spatters of blood give it a particularly nice touch.

The inhabitants of the stomp appear to have an interest in adornment. Why not let them be happy, and revel as babes?


  • In Old Yharnam, climb up the first ladder leading to Old Hunter Djura and drop on the wooden platform to the right. Walk forward and enter big room. Proceed forward until you reach gap in the fence to the right that leads to wooden beam. You will need to run forward across the beam and jump to the right at the end, to land on a lower platform with the item. This is a tricky jump if you jump early you will fall to your death, if you jump late you will fall on a platform below the item. Once you land walk forward and pick up Bloody Messenger Head Bandage of a corpse.

General Information

Stump Messenger with Bloody Messenger Head Bandage

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