Brain Fluid

Brain Fluid

In-Game Description

Has 3 different descriptions per brain fluid, the first two sentences are the same with all 3 brain fluids but the final paragraphs are different.

Greyish amoeba-shaped brain fluid. Wobbles and bounces.

Extracted from a patient whose head expanded until that
was all that they were.

1.(Centre of Research hall, guarded by whip hunter)

Once, a young girl had an older brother who was determined
to become a doctor, and so she wilfully became his patient.
In the end, this led to their encounter with the Eldritch
Truth, for which they considered themselves blessed.

2. (Top of Research hall)

In the early days of the Healing Church, the Great Ones
were linked to the ocean, and so the cerebral patients would
imbibe water, and listen for the howl of the sea.
Brain fluid writhed inside the head, the initial makings of
internal eyes.

3. (Harvested from Adeline)

We fail to realise our own latent potential, until the moment
it is lost, and we sense its absence. Ironically, this is the very
nature of insight, like the moment one licks one's own blood,
only to be startled by its sweetness.


  • Dropped by 3 cerebral patients in the Research Hall. The first can be obtained from the patient sitting atop the roof's support beams, after raising the staircase via the rotating lever.
  • The second can be obtained from the patient sitting in the center of the raised staircase, next to the enemy NPC Hunter.
  • The last can be obtained from Adeline after her head has fully expanded.


  • Used as a quest item to progress Adeline's questline
  • The first Brain Fluid rewards you with Blood of Adeline.
  • The second Brain Fluid rewards you with the Balcony Key.
  • The last Brain Fluid rewards you with the Milkweed Rune.
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