Winter Lantern


Winter Lantern
  • A Plain Doll that has been corrupted by the nightmare, its brain also appears to be made out of Messengers.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First Arcane / Bolt / Fire Neutral


Item Notes
Quicksilver Bullets
Cursed Tempering Blood Gemstone (3)


  • When they spot you, a yellow glow around their head indicates they can inflict frenzy from a distance.
  • It is perfectly safe to sneak up on them if the glow isn't present.
  • At roughly 40 insight you can hear them singing if you wait a few seconds.

Attack Patterns

General Strategy

One of the most effective ways to kill the Winter Lantern is to shoot and visceral attack - Video Guide
If you have trouble with viscerals, rush them, the frenzy build up will be the same but, the source will be gone if you kill it quickly.



  • Hide behind an obstacle to obscure its line of sight, they do not usually pursue for long and can be deaggroed easily.


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