• A truly lost Kin, this powerful mystic has a consuming need to taste the horror in man's mind.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 635 2452
Weaknesses Kind
Bolt / Fire / Thrust Kin


Item Notes
Quicksilver Bullets Common
Shaman Bone Blade Rare
Tempering Blood Gemstone (3) Boss in Chalice Dungeons


  • Their grab attack will suck out 2 of your insight.
  • Stronger variations are very reminiscent of Mind Flayer from Demon's Souls in that they will shoot a ranged attack which stuns the player before going in for a grab attack and are extremely dangerous in every situation in which they are encountered.
  • mashing the trigger buttons when grabbed has a partial damage reduction.

Attack Patterns

  • Grab
  • 4-5 hit melee flurry
  • (After successful grab) head flail
  • (Stronger version) Orbs from the ground that stun
  • (Stronger version) Orbs fired forward that stun

General Strategy

They are very resistant to all physical damage except for thrust, bring a spear-like weapon and some fire paper. Avoid being hit by the blue orb attacks at all costs.




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