Cainhurst Vilebloods

The Cainhurst Vilebloods are a covenant in Bloodborne. The focus of the covenant is on PvP and invasions.

Pledgers to this oath are Cainhurst Vilebloods, hunters of blood who find dregs for their Queen of coldblood, particularly in that of hunters.
Yet the corrupt are heretics in the eyes of the Church, thus subject to the wrath of the Executioners.


Found in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle


To join the covenant, first wear the Crown of Illusions and approach Logarius's throne to access Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods and the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant.
The Caryll Rune for the covenant is Corruption

Rank Requirements Rewards
Rank 1 None Respect gesture, Cainhurst Badge
Rank 2 2 Blood Dregs Deep Respect gesture
  • Members are ranked on the Vileblood Register based on how many Blood Dregs they've donated. Blood Dregs are found by killing other hunters, either NPC or player while the Corruption rune is equipped. This rank has no in-game effect.


Icon Name Usage Location
Cainhurst_Badge.png Cainhurst Badge Grants access to certain weapons and armor. Join the covenant
Vileblood_Register.png Vileblood Register Lists the names of hunters who have joined the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant. Found in a chest in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle.
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