In-Game Description

Large prototype firearms fashioned by the workshop
heretics, the Powder Kegs.

Use of this weapon is equivalent to toting a mounted
cannon, complete with its ridiculous weight, staggering
kick, and lavish use of Quicksilver Bullets, into battle.

Such a monstrosity was doomed from the start, and
indeed its development was cut short. Yet, against
impossibly gigantic foes, it might be just the thing.


  • Forbidden Woods treasure. Found on the upper floor of the tower near the shortcut from the ? lantern.
    From inside the tower, go out to the balcony where you can hear the wind, drop down, then climb up a ladder on the left.
    Walk on some gears inside and drop down to a platform on the right with the cannon.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Attack
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Cannon 0/200/0/0/0 12 200 0/0/100/100 30/13/0/0



  • Cannot be imprinted.
  • If you push up on the D-pad and sacrifice life for Quicksilver Bullets, the cannon can be shot one additional time.


Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
Blood Gem
Materials Cost Blood
Cannon +0 0/200/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 - -
Cannon +1 0/240/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 3x Blood Stone Shard 280
Cannon +2 0/280/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 5x Blood Stone Shard 340
Cannon +3 0/320/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 8x Blood Stone Shard 380
Cannon +4 0/360/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Cannon +5 0/400/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 5x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Cannon +6 0/440/0/0/0 -/-/D/- 0 8x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Cannon +7 0/480/0/0/0 -/-/D/- 0 3x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Cannon +8 0/520/0/0/0 -/-/D/- 0 5x Blood Stone Chunk 620
Cannon +9 0/560/0/0/0 -/-/D/- 0 8x Blood Stone Chunk 680
Cannon +10 0/600/0/0/0 -/-/D/- 0 1x Blood Rock ?
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