Central Yharnam

Central Yharnam


Lamps Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Central Yharnam
Great Bridge
Tomb of Oedon
Cleric Beast
Father Gascoigne
Little Girl
Lonely Old Dear
Eileen the Crow
Tainted Dog
Wheelchair Mob
Carrion Crow
Brick Troll
Wolf Beast
Giant Pig
Hunter Set
Tiny Music Box
Saw Spear
Saw Hunter Badge
Sword Hunter Badge
Oedon Tomb Key
Red-Jewelled Brooch
Blood Gem Workshop Tool


Iosefka's Clinic
Cathedral Ward


Central Yharnam is an upper-class district located in the center of the city, an area characterized by bridges and large streets. Central Yharnam is separated from the rest of the city by a cliff. An ancient cathedral is located in the area. The district is also home to a medical association that oversees the use of the "curative blood". It is the first place a player goes after going through Iosefka's Clinic.

  1. As you enter Central Yharnam through the double doors, immediately go down the stairs straight ahead and look to your left to find 4 Blood Vials.
  2. Head back up the stairs and to your left to find a Huntsman with an axe and torch. Kill him if you have a weapon (that is, if you died before reaching Central Yharnam and claimed your gift from the Messengers), or just run around him if you don't. As with the Wolf Beast in the clinic, you can beat him down with your fists if you're so inclined, but be prepared for an arduous fight.
  3. Look to your right past the stage coach and pull the lever which will drop down a ladder from above. Next to the lever you will find another 2 Blood Vials on a corpse. Climb the ladder and notice the orange incense burner signifying an NPC, in this case Gilbert. After talking with him through his window, he will give you some advice to get out of Yharnam as quickly as possible, and some lore on the Healing Church and Cathedral Ward. Hit the lantern for Central Yharnam and head back to Hunter's Dream to get your first weapon if you haven't already.
  4. Once you have your weapon, head back to the Central Yharnam lantern, descend down the ladder you came up to light the lamp, and kill the three Hunter Mobs to your right on this ledge. Grab the 6 Molotov Cocktails in the corner and head back up the ladder.
  5. From the ladder, head right as the gate to your left is locked from this side. You will find 8 Pebbles on the ground for your taking. Upon continuing down this little bridge, looking forward and just to the right, you will find another Hunter Mob waiting for you, this time with a cleaver. After killing him, head right down the stairs and notice the two Huntsmen here, one with a shield, and one with a sickle. The shield Hunter Mob is very slow so you can kill the sitting enemy fairly easily without having to deal with the other.
  6. Once you've dispatched of those two, continue heading down the stairs and notice a swarm of Hunter Mobs that are just passing by, and dispatch of them very carefully. From the stairs, turn around and continue down the street to find a gate which can be opened by a lever just to the left. This unlocks a shortcut to this street from the first path you find when entering Central Yharnam. Just to the left of the lever is an Executioner behind a barricade of breakable boxes who is very dangerous at this stage in the game, and is purely optional. He will drop some blood vials for you but other than that there is nothing down that path.
  7. Turn back around to the street and continue down it until you reach the second set of stairs on your right (not the one you walked down to get to this level). Some Hunter Mobs may rush at you as you continue down the street, but kill them as you need. Head up that set of stairs to find a well with a burning stake leaning against it, an incense burner, and a corpse with 4 Molotov Cockatils. This NPC at the incense burner is purely for lore's sake, as he just tells you to move along.
  8. Head back down to the street level and notice an incense burner to your left, an another NPC who also tells your to move along. Across from the NPC is a stage coach with a Hunter Mob with a pistol sitting and hiding from you. Kill him and go up the stairs next to him and turn left. There is a set of stairs on your right with a Blood Stone Shard but before you claim it, kill the Hunter Mob waiting to surprise you in the alcove to the right of the item. Go back down these stairs and continue along this higher ledge.
  9. This area up ahead on the street is fairly dangerous, so think about the manner you are going to approach it as there are a lot of Hunter Mobs gathered around a large burning pile of rubble on the ledge below you. While walking along this higher ledge, a Hunter Mob will attempt to ambush you to your right, so kill him and move forward. Approach the stairs on the left side of this ledge but do not head down them. You will hear a bell ring as you get close and some of the Hunter Mobs will dissipate and patrolling. Kill the group that heads up these stairs as they come and quickly turn around and head toward the stairs you climbed up to reach this ledge. You will find another patrol just about to pass on the street there, and already you've cleared out a good portion of that mob.
  10. Go back up to the ledge and continue down past the stairs that triggered the bell ring. Pick up 5 Quicksilver Bullets on a corpse and kill the Hunter Mob with an axe and torch that is standing by the gate with the item you can't quite reach yet. Jump down the ledge to your left to sneak around the enemies still gathered around the burning rubble. There is a corpse with 2 Blood Vials to your left in an alcove with an enemy banging on the gate on the other side. Toss a pebble to get the attention of the Tainted Dog on your right as you turn around and kill it.
  11. Keep trying to aggro the Hunter Mobs one by one from the rubble until you have cleared out the majority of the enemies. Be careful, as there are Hunter Mobs with pistols on top of a stage coach and just in front of you with pistols if you are by the banging gate. To easily kill the one on top of the wagon, slowly walk to the right of the stage coach on the ground and find a set of stairs to reach that higher ledge where you can then sneak behind him for a Visceral Attack. From there, you can comfortably kill the rest of the enemies around the burning rubble by heading down the stairs and dispatching of them all. Head back up the stairs where the pistol Hunter Mob was standing and continue forward under an archway to a new area.
  12. Straight ahead, you will find a corpse with 2 Blood Vials, but before you do that, look to the left to find a group of breakable barrels hiding a Blood Stone Shard. Continue on this upper part and find the incense burner to talk to yet another unhelpful NPC who just laughs at your misery. Before heading down the stairs, look left of the NPC door and break the coffins which are blocking a gap in the fence. Drop down this ledge and kill the caged Tainted Dogs. There is one free below the stairs, so kill it and the rest of the caged enemies. Head back up the stairs and continue right down an alleyway, up some stairs, and up another set of stairs to your left to grab a Coldblood Dew (1).
  13. From that last item, head back down the stairs, turn around, and pick the path to the left of the fork. Run under the bridge and open the door to this building. It is quite dark in this building so watch out for the Hunter Mob to your left as you enter, and the Wheelchair Mob further into the darkness. There is a corpse with 2 Pungent Blood Cocktails near the Wheelchair Mob and another lore note on a shelf here with the text: When the hunt began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward, as Old Yharnam burned to the ground that moonlit night. Turn around, open the door to the left, and head up the stairs to kill another Hunter Mob and find another corpse with a Blood Stone Shard. Head further up the stairs and open the shortcut back to the first lamp. Go back to Hunter's Dream if you need to level, otherwise go back to the fountain plaza where you jumped down to the dog cages.
  14. Now that you are back in the fountain plaza area, head down the stairs on the right and turn left to kill 3 Carrion Crows protecting a corpse with 2 Oil Urns. Turn around and walk around the fountain to find the Brick Troll who was banging on the gate earlier. Kill him and take the 4 Molotov Cocktails and the Torch on the corpses he was guarding.
  15. Turn around and head up the stairs on the right and turn right to find the corpse with a Coldblood Dew (1) you couldn't reach before. Turn around and head up the stairs again to your right. Be cautious as there are three Tainted Dogs, a pistol Hunter Mob, a torch and axe Hunter Mob, and a cleaver Hunter Mob. After taking care of these six, take the 6 Blood Vials on the bench around the well, turn around, and head left up some stairs. Head left immediately once you are up on the bridge to find another Blood Stone Shard behind some statues on the right. Turn around and take on the two Wolf Beasts just further down the bridge. One helpful tactic is to use one of the Pungent Blood Cocktails you found earlier to bait them into a spot then hit them with Molotov Cocktails. However you choose to approach this situation, be careful as these two can aggro quite easily together, making it a much tougher fight.
  16. Keep going down the bridge and kill the Hunter Mob with a sickle tries to ambush you on your left. Head into the building he was in front of and kill the two Hunter Mobs who are waiting in the darkness. This is the same building as earlier, but the top floor, so you can reach this spot again by simply going up the stairs from the shortcut here. There is another Coldblood Dew (1) here on the top floor. Leave the building from the top and head right. Head down the first set of stairs to your right to find a ledge above the burning rubble pile and 10 Pebbles. Turn around and break some boxes on the right to find a Blood Stone Shard and directly behind the pebbles, more breakable boxes and another Blood Stone Shard.
  17. From that last Blood Stone Shard, break more boxes to find a secret drop to a ledge in a dark sewer. Continue dropping down these wooden planks until you see the Half-Beast roaming on the stone walkway. Kill him with a plunging attack and continue walking along the path until you see another Half-Beast across a bridge. Kill him as well and cross the next bridge back to the left side. Kill yet another Half-Beast and drop down onto the beam to your right, which has a corpse with Thick Coldblood (5). Fall down into the sewer and turn around toward the beginning of this area so the enemies do not sneak up on you, killing all the Rats as you go.
  18. Eventually you will reach a dead end, and turn back around and head down the sewer in the other direction. You will see a drop-off but first, look to your left to see a Half-Beast waiting to ambush you and a corpse containing the Hunter Set. This set is much better than the default Foreign Set so you should put it on right away. Now, drop down to the sewer below and watch out for the large group of Zombies hiding in the water. Molotov Cocktails are very effective here in clearing out the large clusters. These Zombies were protecting a corpse with 10 Quicksilver Bullets, so take them and climb up the ladder in this area. From the next platform, climb the next ladder.
  19. From here, head right and kill the group of four Carrion Crows and pick up the Madman's Knowledge they were guarding. Turn around and head across the bridge and then left to find a Brick Troll who you can easily hit with a Visceral Attack. Ascend the ladder to his right and open the gate to the fountain plaza. Look to your right to find an incense burner and talk to the Little Girl in the window. If you agree to look for her mother, she will give you the Tiny Music Box to deliver to her mother.
  20. From her, run back into the plaza, left up the stairs, and up to the bridge where you fought the two Wolf Beasts before. This time, head right from the stairs, and head right again to drop off the bridge. Head down the two sets of stairs to reach the caged dogs once again. This time, head toward the bridge but turn left to kill a Tainted Dog and find Coldblood Dew (3). Cross the bridge and kill the Tainted Dog barking at the door with the incense burner. Talk to the Lonely Old Dear, and answer her question with the only option you have. From her door, keep continuing toward the bright orange window and kill the Half-Beast lurking at the bottom of the stairs.
  21. Once you kill the Half-Beast, head back up the stairs and look to your left for a group of breakable barrels. Roll through them and drop down onto the wooden ledge below. While crossing the rafters, you will notice two corpses hanging from ropes. Cut them down, and make note of them for later. You will also find a corpse with Coldblood Dew (1). Do not drop down below yet to get the items, instead look for an archway blocked by breakable boxes (it is located on the right wall from the ledge you dropped down, opposite the Coldblood Dew (1).
  22. Once you are outside again, head across the wooden bridge and find Eileen the Crow looking out at the city. If you exhaust her dialogue, you will get both 4 Bold Hunter's Marks and the Shake off Cape gesture. Turn back around and drop down to the next level where you will find two Half-Beasts and a pistol Hunter Mob. Once you kill them, look on the dark side of this room (that is, the side not lit by the sky) to find a corpse with Coldblood Dew (1). Don't drop down to the sewer level quite yet. Head forward to find another door (assuming the dark side is on your right), to find two Hunter Mobs with pistols and a Half-Beast. Kill all of them and pick up the Coldblood Dew (1) on a corpse to the left of the initial door you used to enter this area.
  23. On the pathway on the side of the door, notice the ladder that goes down to the sewer level. Go back to the room with the dark and light side and drop down to the ledge just below on the light side. Kill all of the rats in the alcoves so they do not hurt you while you loot the corpse you cut down with the Saw Spear. Hop down into the sewers and kill the rats. If you look toward the dead end, you will find a corpse with a Madman's Knowledge. Turn around and head outside this room past the boats and head back up the ladder you found earlier. Go back into the room but this time drop down on the dark side, kill the rats, and loot the corpse with 2 Blood Stone Shards.
  24. Jump back down to the sewers and for the last time, head up the ladder. This time, turn around, cross the bridge, and head right to kill the Carrion Crows lurking on the side. There is a Carrion Crow hiding behind some barrels to your left, so make sure you kill it. Cross the next bridge and head to your right and kill the Carrion Crows by some boxes to your left. As you do this, you will probably break the coffin hiding the corpse with 2 Oil Urns. Finally, look down to your left to find the beam with an item on it. Carefully jump down and loot the corpse to get yet another Blood Stone Shard.
  25. Jump down off the beam and head toward the platform on your right. Climb down and kill the Zombies if you didn't earlier. Head right down the sewer but watch out for the Carrion Crows waiting to surprise you on the beams above. There are also more Zombies on this path, so keep an eye out for them. Head down the stairs and look to your right to find an alcove containing a corpse with a Blood Stone Shard and a Zombie playing dead. Turn right out of the alcove and continue down the path until you see an archway and a ladder on your right.
  26. Before attempting this next part, make sure your stamina is full. Enter the tunnel and immediately begin running. If you continue to run and do not stop, the Giant Pig will simply roar and miss his first attack, letting you get behind him for an easy Visceral Attack which should kill, if not almost kill him outright. You can also throw Molotov Cocktails at him which will do heavy damage. Either way, as long as you do not let the Giant Pig charge at you, it is very easy to kill by sticking close to it. Once you kill him, loot the two corpses there to find Coldblood Dew (2) and the Saw Hunter Badge. Head out of the tunnel back where you came from and climb the ladder you saw earlier.
  27. Instead of heading up these stairs to the bridge, look left for an elevator which you can take, unlocking another shortcut near the lamp. Upon exiting the elevator, you will find two Brick Trolls patrolling the area under the bridge, so kill them and proceed straight to get back to the lamp. Return to Hunter's Dream if you so choose, otherwise, turn back around and enter the dark building again and head up the stairs. From this, turn left and kill the three Carrion Crows and Brick Troll using either pebbles to aggro one at a time or a well-tossed Molotov to hit all at once. Either way, once they are dead, continue under the archway to reach the first boss battle with Cleric Beast.
  28. After you have defeated Cleric Beast, you will receive the Sword Hunter Badge, a lamp for Great Bridge will appear, and you can loot the corpse in his boss arena for 10 Quicksilver Bullets.
  29. Return to Central Yharnam lamp and talk to Gilbert for some additional dialogue, and a hint to take the aqueduct to reach Cathedral Ward. Return to the elevator near the two Bridge Trolls and ride it down to the bridge you passed up before. Head up the stairs onto the bridge and approach the hoard of Hunter Mobs near the middle. Attack them as you see fit but look out for the background as a giant flaming boulder will come barreling down the bridge after a little while. You can use this quite effectively to kill the Hunter Mobs chasing after you.
  30. Continue forward up the bridge and bait the Brick Troll down the stairs. Kill him, then kill his shield Hunter Mob partner. Head right up the next set of stairs and sneak up on the Half-Beasts protecting an item to hit one with a Visceral Attack. Defeat the other and claim your 2 Bold Hunter's Marks. Turn around and head further up the stairs to your right and enter the graveyard to fight Father Gascoigne.
  31. After you have defeated Father Gascoigne, you will receive the Oedon Tomb Key and a lamp for Tomb of Oedon will appear. Head up the stairs in the graveyard and turn left to find a ledge you can drop down with a corpse containing the Red-Jewelled Brooch. Go back up the stairs and continue through the gate you can now unlock. Head up the stairs, into the building, and climb the ladder. You will see a lore note on the table with the text: The Byrgenwerth spider hides all manner of rituals, and keeps our lost master from us. A terrible shame. It makes my head shudder uncontrollably. You will also find a chest containing the Blood Gem Workshop Tool and another doorway that leads to Cathedral Ward.


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