Father Gascoigne Build


This is a fun way to live the life of Gascoigne. I recommend going past the little girl until you get his armour, then return for a heartbreaking moment of no recognition…
And then she gets eaten by a pig.
and then the older daughter commits suicide and become a stone bearer.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Violent Past ??? 25 20 15 8 13 3

Weaponry and Equipment

Hunter Axe +10
Beast Claw+10
Hunter Blunderbuss +10

Gascoigne's Armour Set


100% health: Blunderbuss+Axe
67% health: TRNSFRM Axe
33% health: TRNSFRM Beast Claw+Beast Roar

Additional Info

I just want to throw this out there:
This is the first of many Reincarnated Hunter Builds I will submit


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