Holy Smite


With this build you want to focus on using the sword, secondary weapons don't matter. Pick a gun that you find reliable that only uses 1 qs bullet. You want use bullets on the empty phantasm shell and the old hunter bone if you need it. Level up the sword first don't waste chunks on your gun until your sword is +9. And if you're like me you'd probably just keep the torch in your pocket.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Cruel Fate 80-90 30 30-40 25 25 5 15

Weaponry and Equipment

Ludwig's Holy Blade, gascoigne's garb, hunter hat, gascoigne's gloves, black church trousers, hand lantern


When you start out get the axe, and work on getting the legit hunter gear. You can wear them most of the game. spend your echoes on getting strength and skill up to the stat requirements then pump endurance and vitality simultaneously. Use bloodstones sparingly so you can get the sword up to +7 the minute you get it. If you save your chunks for the sword you're set for PvE. Go ahead and level grind until you reach 25 for both strength and skill. If you can't co-op go to the forbidden woods and and run it until you get back to the elevator rinse and repeat. If you use the moon rune you get 36,000 souls if you kill everything in that path. It's your choice on what lvl you go to with endurance because 30 is already good. When you use blood gems maximize physical attack, blunt and thrust. By the time your done you'll be doing 650-700 damage while using the empty phantasm. Balance your defenses and use runes that give you the most attack. Great Lake, the strongest clockwise, lake, moon and star are very useful

Additional Info

Be like water my friend.


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