Lady Maria Of The Astral Clocktower



Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Professional 120 37 40 10 50 18 15

Weaponry and Equipment

Primary Weapons
Rakuyo+10 (
Evelyn+10 (

Secondary Weapons
Blade of Mercy+9 (
Hunter's Torch (optional)

Armor Set
Maria Hunter Set (

Hunter Tools
Old Hunter Bone (

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis runes - At least 2 of them (

Hunter Rune (


The main strategy is to use speed. Two important points: use Old Hunter Bone to quickly reach the enemy and take advantage of the high stamina bar to attack frantically. Always seek to attack from behind and … R1! Without fear! Evelyn, in this case, is an "ornament," to make the character look like the boss; It's up to you!

Additional Info

At the beginning of the game, get 30 skill points as fast as possible, then put 20 on vitality and 30 on endurance. Start with the Threaded Cane, and do not be afraid to evolve it (with blood stones) until you find the blade of mercy. The trick weapon of the crow-lady has an absurd skill scale, and will help you get to Rakuyo. Evolve it to +9.


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