Level 100 Bloodtinge Build


This build is focused around making the most out of S-Scaling weaponry. Namely Chikage and Evelyn. Chikage has decent range and a solid moveset and it's transformed R2 (though costing health) has a downright bloody ridiculous attack modifier. Evelyn hits hard, offering more than decent chip damage for poke or finishing off opponents.
These are your bread and butter weapons.
- High kill potential PvP with guns and R2, guns can 30-0% with bonemarrow ashe and R2 slightly charged can 80-0% an enemy player.
- Solid moveset and highest gun damage per bullet
- Playstyle compliments the mechanics introduced in Bloodborne (gunplay, dodging, punishing moments of weakness with burst)
- Kills PvE enemies like no other weapon due to Chikage's Rapid Poison
- Equipment, materials and gems are relatively easily obtainable
- Hp drain from chikage punish mismanagement of it's transformation
- Lack of versatility, Chikage will be your only trick weapon
- Weak early game until you get levels, equipment and upgrades
- Require a high use of consumables to function, as well as Chikages low durability makes it require repairs regularly
- Impossible to fully min-max, will either "waste" one point in Skill or Arcane depending on Origin


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Professional 100 47 20 10 15 50 8

Weaponry and Equipment

Right hand - Chikage,
Gems: Phys ATK UP: 20,3%, Phys ATK UP: 20,3%, Blood ATK UP: 21,6%
Left hand 1 - Evelyn
Gem: Blood ATK UP: 21,6%
Left hand 2 - Repeating Pistol
Gem: Blood ATK UP: 21,6%
Runes - 10% Max hp boost, 15% Max hp boost, Stamina regen Oath, Rune of choice
Consumables: Always have Bullets and Vials, Bone Marrow Ash, (Poison) Throwing Knives, Lead Elixir and Numbing Mist


- Early game
At this point you might as well start by getting that one point of Strength as you won't level up Strength or Skill. As you level up focus on getting your stats equal between Vitality, Endurance and Bloodtinge. This ensures your survivability through the early game and won't make you useless when you get Chikage and Evelyn.
As you progress make sure you properly attend to Eileen the Crow's NPC Questline.
Level up your current gear as needed, but try to do so as little as possible, in order to ease the amount of farming needed for your main weapons.
- Mid Game
Get to Forsaken Cainhurst Castle as soon as possible, you'll find the Cainhurst Summons at the back Iosefka's Clinic through the Forbidden Woods and enter Cainhurst from Hemwick Charnel Lane.
Find the Evelyn in a chest and defeat Martyr Logarius and join the Vilebloods to earn the Badge which make the Chikage available for purchase.
- Late Game
Get your Core Runes, Starting with +10% Max HP and finishing Eileen's Questline, collect Chalices and Clear Chalice Dungeons to work your way up to Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice (+15% Max hp Rune and Blood Rock)
Get your weapons to +10, you'll find materials as you progress through the game and find the Bloodrock in Nightmare of Mensis, as well as the +21,6% Blood ATK Droplet, additional Blood Rocks are found in Chalice Dungeons (One Rock per Chalice in a Depth 5 Root Dungeon)
Farm the Fatties in Pthumeru Ihyll for Tempering Blood Gems to get your two +20,3% Phys ATK increase.
Get to NG+ (to NG++++ if you really want to stack droplets) for another Droplet/Blood Rock if you want to skip the Chalice Dungeon grinding.
Reach lvl 100 and stock up on Bullets, Vials, Bone Marrow Ashe, feel free to upgrade the Repeating Pistol as Bone Marrow Ashe is more potent on a Repeater opposed to Evelyn.

Enjoy Jolly Cooperation or Blood soaked PvP.

Additional Info

Note on…
Rune of choice:
With a +5% max hp rune you reach 30% increased hp, overwhelming survivability as host and nulified hp penalty as phantom.
With 5% Reduced Dmg you gain SLIGHTLY more effective health than a 5% hp rune, but the difference is so miniscule you might as well settle for the more easily obtainable one.
With + 20% Stamina Rune, you trade 100 HP for 22 stamina.
With +30% Visc. DMG you make up for the low Visc damage due to your low Skill stat.

There are better gems, I simply provided the ones relatively easily obtainable compared to potency.

Alternate stats and levels:
With a 32/32 Skill/Stat split, you can have 1 more point in vitality and can use the untransformed chikage. Do note that the raw damage from transformed Chikage and guns will be considerably lower. If you prefer to be at different levels it's a pretty straightforward process. Alternate between Vitality and Bloodtinge until you're at your desired level. After reaching 50 in those stats, invest in whatever you need. Endurance for easier PvE, Skill to increase your damage with untransformed Chikage, Arcane breakpoints for Hunter Tools.

Bone Marrow Ashe increases the damage of your bullets, works great on Evelyn, but even better on Repeating Pistol since it shoots two bullets at once and both bullets get buffed.
Throwing Knives are last resort for when you're out of your other consumables, or to poison enemies/players at low levels.
Lead Elixir essentially grant you poise at the cost of your movement speed. Although prefered on slow Strength weapons, very few builds and weapons can trade with Chikage's attacks, but you as a phantom have lower hp than your opponent as well as a hp drain debuff, this allow you to not get staggered and deal damage with R1's, R2's and L2's uninterrupted.
Numbing mist gives you an additional edge while fighting, but it's hard to hit.

As a final note:
Thank you for reading this guide, hope you'll have success with this build and have fun playing Bloodborne. Should you have any questions I can be found on the Wikidot forums.


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