(PVP) Lvl 90 Interuption/Parry Build


Rifle Spear, and Reiterpallasch for interrupting and damaging, shield for occasional blocking.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Lone Survivor 90 42 35 10 25 20 7

Weaponry and Equipment

Left 1: Rifle Spear +10
Blood Gems:
(Your choice, Increased Rally potiential, Phys. Attack buff, or stamina stamina cost reduction reccomended.)

Left 2: Reiterpallasch +9
Blood Gems:
(Your choice, Increased bloodtinge scaling, Phys. Attack buff or HP recovery reccomended.)

Right 1: Wooden Shield, (Don't need a gun with these weapons)

Attire: (Purely Fashionborne)
Head: Gehrman's Hunter Cap
Chest: Black Church Garb
Hands: Crowfeather Manchettes
Feet: Choir Trousers


This build has higher HP, and a chunk of stamina to work with. Yet, the damage output is not as significant as possible. Typically, builds like so will make PVP fights last longer and be more interesting. A skilled interrupter will make this build most effective. Spamming bullets will result in maybe some visceral attacks, but it is most useful to interrupt when you know you can. Speaking of which, the Wooden shield is only to be equipped if someone is bullet spamming. It eats them up like that overweight guy in Burger King. Otherwise, equipping the shield when you don't use it just slows down stamina regeneration.

Additional Info

Caryll Runes:
Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis
Blood Rapture
Oedon Writhe

Covenant: Hunter of hunters, Hunter Caryll Rune


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