Lvl 100 Arcane


Threaded Cane with Uncanny Ludwig's holy blade, and the Rosmarinus. Can use any and all hunters gadgets, highly recommended to fit this build. Additionally, item drop rate will be increased from the arcane, allowing farming to be easier.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Cruel Fate 100 40 27 16 12 5 50

Weaponry and Equipment

Right hand 1: Threaded Cane
Blood Gems:
- Arcane Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Cold Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Arcane Blood Gemstone (Tri.)

Right hand 2: Uncanny Ludwig's holy blade
Blood Gems:
- Cold Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Cold Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Arcane Blood Gemstone (Tri.)

Left hand 1: Rosmarinus

Left hand 2: Hunter Pistol

Head: Bone Ash Mask
Chest: Madman Garb
Hands: Choir Gloves
Legs: Black Church Trousers/Dress


First off, this build is all about timing. Understanding how long a gadget will take to attack, and when to use a gadget or weapon is key. Often times people tend to randomly spam gadgets, and run out of bullets quickly. But timing a gadget to get a result that counts will maximize the effectiveness. Examples like the Beast roar for stunning if an opponent is getting spamy and deflecting projectiles like the cannon; or a Call Beyond/Augor of Ebrietas when you need to establish distance.

Only use the Hunter pistol when you want to preform an interruption/parry in order to restore quicksilver bullets, Rosmarinus is much more effective for this build. Also, gaining blood bullets is important, it should be used when a player can be aggressive afterwards in order to restore the health taken away.

Additional Info

Recommended Caryll Runes:
Oedon Writhe (+2 bullets from visceral/riposte attack)
Oedon Writhe (+3 bullets from visceral/riposte attack)
Formless Oedon (+5 bullet max)


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