Quince the Beast


The aspect we always wanted, to become a beast. This build offers just that, or the next best thing of becoming a beast in game and mauling your enemies.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Violent Past 110 50 25 30 13 25 15

Weaponry and Equipment

Beast claw, Stake Driver, Wolf Cap, Crow feather garb, Ashen hunter braces, Bone ash leggings, Evelyn, Cannon


Use the high HP to go on the full attack. Never stop the assault unless you are healing. Whenever your enemy hits you, you dash and hit back to get that health back. Remember, even if it is not a hit and they dodge, you will get that health back. Bone Ash he cannon as a last resort. It is best to save your QS bullets for the arcane equipment. And remember to roar, in gesture and combat.

Additional Info

Items to use: Bone Marrow Ash, Beast Roar, Hunter bone, Blue elixir, Empty phantasm shell.
Runes: Clockwork, Claw mark, Formless Oedon
Notes: Bloodtinge and arcane stats can be switched if you want a more celestial beast
Gestures used: Roar, Shake of cape, Brush of Dust, Hush (Become a cocky beast)


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