(PVP) Lvl 100 Rapid Poisoner


Bloodtinge + Rapid posion are the main damage outputs, stacks damage well, but is more vulnerable.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Professional 100 37 30 10 25 40 8

Weaponry and Equipment

Right hand (1): Chikage
Blood Gems:
- Dirty Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Dirty Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Dirty Blood Gemstone (Tri.)

Right hand (2): Blade of Mercy
Blood Gems:
- Dirty Blood Gemstone (Rad.)
- Dirty Blood Gemstone (Tri.)
- Dirty Blood Gemstone (Rad.)

Left hand: Evelyn
Blood Gem
- Warm Blood Gemstone

_Armor_ (Purely Fashionborne)
Head: Madman Hood
Chest: Yahar'gul Black Garb
Hands: Charred Hunter Gloves
Legs: Charred Hunter Boots


Being aggressive will help win many fights. That doesn't mean R1 spam, chaining different attacks can be quicker and have a greater damage output. Don't be the person reacting to an attack; try to get your opponent to dodge spam, that's when you have them scared. Don't worry about that too much either, both of these weapons are good at catching people after a roll or dodge, with delayed hits and quick, precise attacks.

Additional Info

Caryll Runes:
Clockwise Metamorphosis (HP boost)
Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (Stamina boost)
Great Lake (Over-all defense)

Suggested Covenant:
Vilebloods, Corruption Caryll Rune


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