BL 112 Logarius Wheel Dealer


Simple str/arcane build that utilizes the drain buff of the Logarius Wheel, and various hunter tools.


Origin Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Cruel Fate 112 30 25 40 12 5 40

Weaponry and Equipment

Main Hand: Logarius Wheel +10 Blunt and Arcane gems infused
Sidearm 1: Hunter's Blunderbuss (Counter Attacks)
Sidearm 2: Cannon(Big Damage/stagger)
Armor: Whatever suits your needs.
Items: Augur of Erebitas, Choir Bell, Executioners Gloves, and The Call Beyond.


This set up requires a lot of patience when NOT transformed, and an extreme amount of pressure when buffed/cursed. The Logarius Wheel has 4 levels of buff in which each level will remove %.2hp/sec more than the last. It is vital to watch your health and remember that not all enemies are weak to the magic buff, so don't waste your time, or risk your health if not needed.

Each of the hunter tools brought with you each have specific moments in which they are strongest. The Augur of Erebitas is best utilized at the end of a swing to keep the enemy on the defense, while removing pressure from you. The Executioners Gloves utilize mid range combat and help you reapply pressure to pvp, and help stagger most enemies in pve. The Call Beyond is a tricky one, uses a lot of bullets, and has a small window of usefulness; however when handled correctly, causes massive damage ~1k. Best way to use it is stand far away from your enemy and snipe him with the homing projectiles, or, for giant bosses, stand directly next to their legs. Lastly the Choir Bell is just a group heal, amazing for coop work.

Additional Info

This build will use a lot of bullets. Keep at least 70 bullets in storage to make sure your tools are always ready for use. And do not forget about blood infusion.


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