Choir Trousers

Choir Trousers

In-Game Description

Attire of the Choir, high-ranking members of the Healing

Members of the Choir are both the highest-ranking clerics of
the Healing Church, and scholars who continue the work
that began at Byrgenwerth.

Together with the left behind Great One, they look to the
skies, in search of astral signs, that may lead them to the
rediscovery of true greatness.


General Information

Part of the Choir Set

Image Name Physical Defense
Blood Arcane Fire Bolt Slow Poison RES Rapid Poison RES Frenzy RES Beasthood
Bloodborne_Icon_Armor_Choir_Trousers.png Choir Trousers 50
60 80 60 60 26 22 9 22
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