Coldblood Dew

Coldblood Dew (1)

Coldblood Dew (1)

Droplet of coldblood containing Blood Echoes.

Use to gain Blood Echoes.

Hunters sustained by the dream gain strength from Blood
Echoes. They imbibe the blood with thoughts of reverence,
indeed gratitude, for their victims.

General Information

No. Held
Usage Type QS Bullet
Attribute Bonus Attribute Requirement
Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
99 99 Finite - - - - - - - - -


  • Found on bodies.


Grants a number of Blood Echoes. The number of Blood Echoes granted depends on the rank in parenthesis:

Coldblood Ranks/Tiers

  • Although coldblood names differ, all coldblood items are numbered within the same hierarchical system.


Item Name
1 350 Coldblood Dew
2 500 Coldblood Dew
3 1,000 Coldblood Dew
4 1,200 Thick Coldblood
5 1,500 Thick Coldblood
6 1,800 Thick Coldblood
7 2,000 Frenzied Coldblood
8 3,000 Frenzied Coldblood
9 5,000 Frenzied Coldblood
10 8,000 Kin Coldblood
11 10,000 Kin Coldblood
12 20,000 Kin Coldblood

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