• Transforms the right-hand weapon.
  • Pressing L1 after another attack will perform a transformation attack, leaving the weapon in the alternate form. (Can be interrupted)


  • Attack using the left-hand weapon.
  • Pressing L2 while holding a right-hand weapon in both hands will perform an alternate heavy attack.


  • Attack using the right-hand weapon.
  • Pressing R1 while sprinting or during a back-step will perform a sprint-attack.
  • Pressing R1 after a quickstep or roll will perform a stand-up attack.


  • Performs a heavy attack using the right-hand weapon.
  • Hold R2 to perform a charged attack.
  • Moving the left analog stick forward while simultaneously pressing R2 will perform a jumping attack.


  • Pressing R3 while in the inventory and profile screens will give an explanation of stats.
  • While facing a nearby enemy, pressing R3 will lock-on to to said enemy.
  • While locked-on, pressing R3 again will release the lock-on.
  • Resets the camera when there are no enemies in the current field of view.


  • Uses the currently selected quick item.


  • Uses a Blood Vial (Restores HP).


  • Regardless of Lock-ons, pressing circle without any analog input will make your character perform a back-step based on the direction your character is currently facing.
  • Pressing circle and moving the left analog stick while locked onto an enemy will make your character perform a quickstep in the direction of the analog stick.
  • Pressing circle and moving the left analog stick while not locked onto an enemy will make your character perform a roll in the direction of the analog stick.
  • Holding down circle and pushing the left-analog stick will make your character sprint in the direction of the analog stick.
  • While sprinting, Releasing and pressing circle immediately afterwards will make your character jump forward.


  • Action button.
  • Gestures with motion controls are possible while holding the X button, the instructions for which are visible in the Gestures menu.

Right Stick:

  • Controls the Camera.

Left Stick:

  • Controls the player character.

D Pad:

  • Up: Gain Blood Bullets (+5) at the cost of your HP.
  • Down: Switch currently selected quick item.
  • Right: Switches right-hand weapon.
  • Left: Switches left-hand weapon.

Touch Pad:

  • Right: Brings up Personal Effects menu.
  • Left: Brings up Gestures menu.
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