• Foul abominations of the nightmare soiled by paleblood, writhing in the filth, inflicting others with its blight.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First 495 (Large Var) 321(Small Var) 1182 (Large Variant) 507 (Small Variant) Bolt Thrust Neutral


Item Notes
Thick Coldblood (4) (5) (6)


  • Found within the Nightmare Frontier in the poison swamp areas.
  • 2 variants, large ones with more health, small ones with less health
  • Generally encountered in groups.
  • One of the only enemies in the game capable of inflicting Rapid Poison

Attack Patterns

  • Charges up a ranged poison projectile and launches it from its…. mouth?
  • A lazy forward thrust that will cause it to topple over.
  • Raises upwards revealing its underside and flops forwards.
  • A flailing attack with lots of hits, probably its most dangerous attack, lots of forward momentum.
  • Raises upwards revealing a band of messenger-like creatures, screeches and spews a Rapid Poison Cloud around itself that will slowly drift forwards

General Strategy

Typically these enemies don't have a great deal of HP and can be dispatched with a few swings, less if you have a bolt weapon, generally attempt to fight them on non-poisonous terrain and away from their friends, a weapon with a wide horizontal swing is put to great use here as they will commonly be grouped. The greater danger comes from the poison that you will be inflicted by when trying to engage. Up close they cant do anything from behind so its always safe to be there just be wary of your surroundings. Pull tactics do the job here well if needed.





The Crawler only resides within the Nightmare and shares some striking resemblance to that of Kos. Its underside is lined with messengers that seem as though they might be controlling the creature. The Nightmare of old ones appear to make little sense drawing aspects from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, however, what appears within a Nightmare seems to reflect the traits of an old one's influence… this case being Kos, Despite this nightmare belonging to Mergo (?)… A bit of speculation might imply that these used to be something or someone else judging by their mindless and loathsome behaviour, the fact that there are smaller ones could mean they do have the potential to grow, but not by much… possibly underdeveloped failed cousins of Kos the link to Kos and this nightmare being drawn by the fact that Micolash was clearly attempting to contact Kos within Mergo's nightmare… conclusions to be drawn under greater analysis…

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