Darkbeast Paarl


Darkbeast Paarl
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Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 4.552 23.100 Beast
NG+ 125.559
Low. Lor. 20.963 85.660

Inf0 Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 120 140 120 120 75 300 85 999 999
Low. Lor 160 135 112 112 75 300 85 999 999


Item Notes
Spark Hunter Badge Old Yharnam
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice Lower Loran Layer Three: Heart

NPC Summons


  • Named Loran Darkbeast in Lower Loran Chalice Dungeons.
  • After you defeat the boss, a Lamp will appear which will allow you to warp to the Hunter's Dream.
  • If you've been following Eileen the Crow's questline and have Henryk's set the additional bolt defense can make this fight easier

Attack Patterns

  • Multiple claw swipes, sometimes ending in bolt explosions.
  • A slow-building roar that ends with a huge explosion that deals heavy Bolt damage.
  • A charging tackle that he will use if the player is too far away.

General Strategy

  • If enough damage is dealt to his legs or face, Paarl will fall down and lose electrical charge, giving the player a chance at several free attacks and some time to heal while he recharges. A good strategy is to roll under him, or around him, and hack at his back legs. This will very quickly knock him down, leaving his head vulnerable for several seconds. Afterwards he'll attack viciously if you get close, and try to run away. Once he has enough distance, he'll spend a few moments recharging, which can be a good time to heal if he hit you. the strategy doesn't change much throughout the course of the fight, so keep chopping at his legs and head and he'll go down quickly.
  • If he is hit while recharging, the recharge will be interrupted and he will be stunned, leaving him vulnerable to more damage. If you can stay close to him and avoid taking too much damage, you can repeat this until he is dead.




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