Ebrietas Daughter of The Cosmos


Ebrietas Daughter of The Cosmos
  • She resembles a giant Celestial Mob that has had its head split open, her brain appears to be lined with eyes.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 12.493 28.800 Kin
Isz Grvst. 21.223

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 252 336 101 168 170 55 60 999 999
Isz Grvst InsertDef InsertBlunt InsertThrust InsertBlood InsertArc InsertBolt InsertFire InsertSlow InsertRapid


Item Notes
Great Isz Chalice Altar of Despair
Isz Root Chalice Isz Gravestone Layer Three: Heart


  • After you defeat the boss, a Lamp will appear which will allow you to warp back to the Hunter's Dream.
  • She must be defeated if you want to revive Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.
  • The star aura she casts after reaching half health will slowly deplete your health while you stand in it.

Attack Patterns

  • She usually begins with a headbutt, essentially slamming her head into the ground. This terrible attack is easy to avoid and leaves her weakpoint vulnerable for a moment, if you advance quickly.
  • If she rears up before the headbutt, it means she's going to launch forward a bit. Still leaves her weakpoint vulnerable, but is a bit harder to dodge if you don't notice the difference.
  • If she doesn't try to headbutt you, she may swipe at you with an arm and the accompanying tentacles.
  • Her mouth will froth red for a second, and then she'll spray blood-like fluid in a wide arc that causes Frenzy. Dodging through it is most effective.
  • She may float back, and then charge viciously, flying in a straight line and doing heavy damage if she hits you.
  • Her arms raise and a wormhole or portal opens above her, firing a barrage of lasers at you, which can easily one-hit most players if they all hit. Dodging to either side is best, and it fires multiple barrages.
  • She sometimes might try to grab you with one of her upper tentacles and then eat you, which deals very heavy damage.

General Strategy

  • She will usually start with her less threatening headbutt. As long as you don't stay right under her head, you'll get a few free hits on her weak point; her head. After her head has been attacked enough, easiest during her headbutts or with any overhead chop attacks, such as the Saw Cleaver's long R1, she'll become stunned for a Visceral Attack. If she floats to either side, just watch out for her next attack, but if she flies back, dodge wildly to one side, to avoid her highly damaging charge. Her blood spray can cause major problems, as it takes massive health with no chance for Rally, and her lasers, which will demolish your health if they hit in any meaningful way. Try to stay close to her so that she doesn't perform any ranged attacks, and try to dodge through her arm swipes, as she will combo one swipe from either side, and then a headbutt, which is her best attack for the player.

Strategy 2 (Endurance Battle)

  • Apart from all the above, I found my own way to kill her. It probably takes the longest, but it's the most safe of tactics. Step one…Don't lock on to her. What you wanna do is stay a medium range away from her (just out of reach of her tentacles) and circle her. At this range, you'll be at a range where a charged R2 from, let's say, Ludwig's Holy Blade in its transformed form (the great-sword), will always hit her when she head-slams..unless you ran a bit too far from her.
  • Soft-mention: it's not worth attacking her when she head-slams with her tentacles cause it's hard to hit the any sort of R2 on her tentacles, or even head, without possibly retaining damage with getting in, then getting out. It's because she recharges herself fast when she does her head+tentacle slam. I often can only get a single R1 in cause I stay relatively far in order not to die (if you get hit with the tentacle+head-slam, it will either damage you for all your hp if all hits connect or outright kill you). For this phase of the fight, up until like…the 40-50% hp mark, I didn't use any vials. Besides maybe 1-3.
  • You basically wanna circle around her constantly (not locked on, as I said), and when she charges, that's when you have to dodge/roll in the direction you're running. I ran left, so I'd often dodge left or else fear getting ~half my hp rammed. When she head-slams (she has good differentiated indicators for when she charges or head-slams), that's when you start to walk forward…but not too far as to get hit by the head-slam. Remember, your weapon's range, especially for something like the transformed Ludwig's, which is pretty long on its own. If your weapon is at…Let's say…+6, like mine was..And if you have a decent 30 strength (to also use the cannon), this fight should be breezy with this strategy. A charged R2 will often do 900-1k damage at 30 str and whatever dex.
  • Careful though. At under 50% hp, she gets more aggressive and gains some arcane moves after she 'buffs' up (this is a time to R2 him as well, by the way)..A meteor which she never used on me, and some mini-soul spears that you can dodge by literally just constantly running (you don't need to sprint). This part of the fight was when I used the most blood vials because I got a bit aggressive (you get kind of bloodthirsty once she gets to 30% hp). Also, wear the Yharnam Hunter's gear. It has the most total frenzy resistance (or just use the Deep Sea rune for +200 Frenzy resistance…Or both.)…I believe the aura around him causes frenzy if you're in it for too long. In any case, the aura also causes damage. So you don't wanna be in it for too long nevertheless. I used about 12 blood vials total cause I knew I'd kill her with this strategy. Just had to be patient, keep my hp high, and not over-commit stupidly.
  • You can also employ use of the cannon at 30 Str and 13 Skill. (keep your bullets at max+5 via the Up-arrow on the DPAD). You do need to time it well as to not get hit by her as well as shooting her head. I only used the regular 2 cannon shots, but if you keep your bullets at +5, you'll be able to use more (Cannon takes 10 shots…you have 25 if you +5 yourself (20 normally), use cannon, then +5 yourself again..rinse and repeat…Although, I'm unsure if it will subtract from the +5 or the actual bullet count. In any case, you'll get at least 3 cannon shots to work with…each doing like ~600 damage to its head).




  • Lift may stuck at bottom level and cannot be call back, so it's impossible to access boss anymore. Send lift back every time (step on platform button and run away) before enter boss area. (Fixed with 1.03 patch)
  • She's not initially hostile.
  • Every time you come through the fog door, you can sneak up behind her a do a full charged attack and a follow-up.
  • The Clawmark Rune can be used after you stun Ebrietas however you may only get one or two visceral attacks in throughout the fight so a different Caryll Rune might be preferable.
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