Eileen the Crow


Eileen the Crow is a non-player character in Bloodborne. Wearing a plague mask, this hunter is a dual wield "skill" hunter.

Eileen The Crow


Central Yharnam
This character can initially be found in a side room accessed from the rafters, at the Sewer entrance.

Cathedral Ward
If you miss her and complete Central Yharnam, she'll show up in Cathedral Ward.

Grand Cathedral
At the end of her storyline she can be found at the cathedral.


Speak with her in Cathedral Ward. She is straight forward through the door directly in front of the Cathedral Ward lamp and immediately to the left. She will teach you the "Shhh!" gesture and tell you about the Tomb of Oedon encounter. (she will not appear in this location until you have opened the gate that is up stairs to the right from this spot. This can be done by purchasing the Hunter Chief Emblem and clearing most of Cathedral Ward)

Return to the Tomb of Oedon to find Eileen battling a hunter, Henryk. If Eileen dies in this encounter, her quest ends here and Crow Hunter Badge will be on her corpse. If she survives, with or without the player's assistance, speak to Eileen to receive the "Approval" gesture. You will also receive the Heir Caryll Rune from the Henryk's corpse.

Help her with a hunter encounter at Grand Cathedral to receive Crow Hunter Badge. The trigger for this is to fight Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Be warned, the fight in the Grand Cathedral is very hard and is fought solo. If Eileen dies in this encounter, her quest line ends and her drops will be on her corpse.


video of the whole 3rd encounter (fight and dialogue)
video of the whole last encounter (fight and dialogue)



Playthrough HP Blood Echoes
First ? 2318
New Game Plus ? ?

General Information

  • She will give you 4 Bold Hunter's Mark and the "Shake Off Cape" Gesture (be sure to speak with her twice).
  • It seems there may be a bug that prevents players from seeing her subsequent events after the first, either due to an actual bug, or because the trigger is unknown. People have reported being unable to warp to the Tomb of Oedon lamp, but upon reaching it, no event occurs, and the lamp remains inactive. As this combination of events seems to both stop her quest from progressing AND removes her from the game world, it may be imperative to mention that if one wants these items, they MUST kill her in her initial sewer location.
  • If the player never talked to her in her initial location she can be found in the Cathedral Ward just to the left outside the door going forward from the lamp.
  • If you wish to kill Eileen when you encounter her near the Cathedral Ward, you will require 20 poison throwing knives. To begin this strategy, sneak up behind her and charge your backstab, and get the visceral attack from behind. After that you should retreat back into the Cathedral Ward area itself and she will give chase up until the doorway. Now all you have to do is throw poison throwing knives at her until she is poisoned. (4-5 knives generally work) And then it is simply a waiting game until she dies. You must successfully poison her all 4 times or you risk having to finish her off yourself.
  • For the full armor set with the Blade of Mercy the combined cost is 84,000 Blood Echoes.
  • After the initial encounter with her she will appear fighting another hunter at Tomb of Odeon, shortly after opening the gate which requires the Guard emblem from the Hunter's dream's shop to open, one only needs to backtrack or teleport back to Odeon's tomb to find her, this will award the player with a Heir rune and the "Approval" Gesture.

Warning: She can die during that encounter and will drop the Crow Hunter Badge. It will be impossible to learn the "Approval" Gesture. Approach the fight with care, the other hunter deals an insane amount of damage. If you kill the other hunter he will drop the Heir rune.

  • You can fight Eileen at any point when you find her, but be warned, she hits extremely hard and is extremely fast. It's not recommended to fight her when you first meet her as she dramatically outclasses the player. If one wishes to obtain the Blade and Crowfeather Set asap, it is recommended to simply allow her to die at the Tomb event.
  • The final encounter with her is triggered after you fight Rom. You will find her injuried outside of the Grand Cathedral. If you then enter the Grand Cathedral and defeat the hunter inside, Eileen will give you the Crow Hunter Badge and the Hunter rune. Here you can kill her easily as this has no impact in the storyline, but you will get only ~5,000 Blood Echoes, she does not drop her attire set.
  • The fight against the hunter inside the Grand Cathedral is one of the most difficult fights in the game, he will counter attack you and kill you with visceral attacks (one shot), he will heal himself once, his gun deals vast damage at range and he almost constantly casts Old Hunter Bone, making him difficult to hit. The cheap way to kill him is to approach him and as he switches to the Chikage run away from the Cathedral, he will eventually die from the damage of the weapon.
  • A faster, but also very safe way to kill him is to trigger the fight and then back away down the stairs and towards the gate. He will follow, but never through the gate. Instead he will eventually turn around and slowly walk backwards, giving you plenty of opportunities to hit him with ranged attacks - Molotov Cocktails, Throwing Knives or ranged spells. If your Arcane stat is high enough, you can kill him by simply casting Executioner's Gloves over and over; trade health for bullets and heal when needed, you won't ever take damage. Just back away until he turns around and walks up the stairs, then attack, repeat until he's dead.


  • Normally upon first finding her in Central Yharnam, you receive 4 Bold Hunter's Mark and the "Shake Off Cape" gesture to commemorate your first meeting. Then when you meet her again outside the Cathedral Ward, you'll learn the "Shhh!" gesture. However, if you never met her in Central Yharnam and speak with her for the first time at the Cathedral Ward, she only gives you the initial items of your commemoration, completely missing your chance of getting the "Shhh!" gesture. Be sure to speak with her at Central Yharnam first if you plan to get all gestures.
  • Additionally, if you talk to her in Central Yarnham and then initiate the fight with Henryk before speaking with her at the Cathedral Ward, she will not appear there and you will not be able to learn the "Shhh!" gesture. You must complete the second conversation first, then fight Henryk.
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