Enemies in alphabetical order

Beast Patient

Beast-possessed Soul


Bloody Crow of Cainhurst - Hostile Hunter

Brain of Mensis


Cain's Servants

Carrion Crow

Celestial Child

Chime Maiden

Choir Intelligencer Edgar - Hostile Hunter

Church Giant

Church Servant

Cramped Casket


Djura's Ally - Hostile Hunter

Evil Labyrinth Spirit


Eye Collector

Female Beast Patient

Fluorescent Flower

Forsaken Castle Spirits

Garden of Eyes


Giant Lost Child

Gravekeeper Scorpion

Hemwick Grave Woman

Henryk - Hostile Hunter

Hunter of Despair - Hostile Hunter

Hunting Dog


Huntsman's Minion

Keeper of the Old Lords - Hostile Hunter

Keeper's Hunting Dog


Labyrinth Hunter - Hostile Hunter

Labyrinth Madman

Labyrinth Mole

Labyrinth Rat

Labyrinth Ritekeeper

Labyrinth Warrior

Labyrinth Watcher

Large Crawler

Large Huntsman

Large Nightmare Apostle

Large Scurrying Beast

Large Snake Ball

Loran Cleric

Loran Silverbeast

Lost Child of Antiquity

Mad One

Maneater Boar

Merciless Watcher

Mergo's Attendant

Mergo's Chief Attendant

Nightmare Apostle

Old Hunter Djura - Hostile Hunter

Parasite Larva

Rabid Dog

Rotted Corpse

Royal Guard - Hostile Hunter


Scourge Beast

Scurrying Beast

Skeletal Puppet

Small Celestial Emissary

Snake Ball

Snake Parasite

Sorrowful Emissary

Undead Giant

Watcher Chieftain

Watcher's Gravedigger

Wheelchair Huntsman

Winter Lantern

Yahar'gul Hunter - Hostile Hunter

Yurie, the Last Scholar - Hostile Hunter

Enemies in each Area

Iosefka's Clinic

Central Yharnam

Cathedral Ward

Old Yharnam

Healing Church Workshop

Hemwick Charnel Lane

Forbidden Woods


Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

Upper Cathedral Ward

Lecture Building

Nightmare Frontier

Nightmare of Mensis

Chalice Dungeons

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