The Executioners are a covenant in Bloodborne. The focus of the covenant is on PvP.

The Executioners despise the impure Vilebloods, and no matter what the circumstances, would never cooperate with the bloodthirsty hunters who serve the undead queen, Annalise.


Before the entrance to the Forbidden Woods, after completing Alfred's quest.


There are no ranks in this covenant.

To join the covenant, talk to Alfred outside of the Tomb of Oedon. Retrieve the Unopened Summons from the Vileblood Queen's Chamber and give it to him.

After completing his questline, the Radiance Rune will be found where he was first met.

Players who have this rune equipped and are summoned by or summon a player equipped with the Corruption Rune, instead of cooperating with them as normal, they will spawn as a hostile phantom with the goal of defeating the host.


Icon Name Usage Location
Wheel_Hunter_Badge.png Wheel Hunter Badge Grants access to certain weapons and armor. Join the covenant
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