Image Faction Focus Summary
Bloodborne_Icon_Caryll_Rune_Corruption.png Cainhurst Vilebloods PvP Obtain Blood Dregs from killing other players for your queen.
Bloodborne_Icon_Caryll_Rune_Radiance.png Executioners PvP Slay players who pledge to the Vilebloods.
Bloodborne_Icon_Caryll_Rune_Hunter.png Hunter of Hunters PvP Defeat players who have become Blood-Addled.
7aOlt8H.png The League Co-op Crush Vermin, the creatures lurking within the blood.


  • Currently these are the only 4 factions in the game.
  • Switching between the 4 covenants with no consequences, and is done by simply equipping the appropriate rune.
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