Forgotten Madman


An enemy hunter wearing the Madman Set, will spawn an additional hunter once his health reaches a certain threshold.



Lower Hintertomb Layer Two: Heart

Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
First Placeholder


Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice


Attack Patterns

Forgotten Madman

Madman's Escort

General Strategy

  • The first part of the battle is very simple. The madman usually starts of with slow and easily predictable two-handed attacks.
  • Use your gun to interrupt him and deal damage with visceral attacks.
  • Will cast tentacles when attacked at close range upfront, with long recovery time giving you a chance to dash out lots of damage.
  • Will cast magic missiles if you're far away. Can easily be dodged or avoided using the stone pillars (depending on the location you fight him).
  • Once his health reaches ~30%, he will spawn another hunter, the Madman's Escort that uses a Kirkhammer and Flamesprayer.
  • Try to separate them using the stone pillars on the room (depending on location) and finish the Madman.
  • Killing off the Madman's Escort is pretty simple, as he only uses the normal Kirkhammer attacks and spraying around flames. No magic attacks.


Forgotten Madman parry tactic with Blade of Mercy.

Lvl.10 Strategy

Level 4 Forgotten Madman Boss Fight by arctic_dan



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