Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

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Boss Mini-Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Martyr Logarius None Alfred
Cain's Servants
Forsaken Castle Spirits
Lost Child of Antiquity
Parasite Larva
Scurrying Beast
Knight Set
Noble Dress
Executioner set
Executioner's Gloves
Vileblood Register
Unopened Summons

Cainhurst Castle was once the home of nobles and knights, but has since fallen into disrepair and is only haunted by remnants of what once was. Ruminations of the past still linger about, so tread lightly in your travels there.

Cainhurst Castle seems to be on an island in the middle of the lake near Hemwick Charnel Lane. To get to Cainhurst Castle, you must first retrieve the Cainhurst Summons from Iosefka's Clinic. It is located in a chest to the right upon entering through the 2nd floor window. Once you have the Summons, go to the Witch's Abode Lantern in Hemwick Charnel Lane. Walk down the path until you reach the crossroads with the two axe-wielders. You will see a stone monument. Walk up to it, and a cutscene will start which will take you to Cainhurst.

Video Walkthrough

Forsaken Castle Cainhurst to Martyr Logarius Boss Battle - Lucians_sword


  • The bell-ringing woman spawns on the roof where the two gargoyles are; drop off on the side facing the ridge that leads to the boss fight to another roof below.
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