A sudden burst of damage inflicted when the Frenzy meter is filled.


  • The player is instantly fully Frenzied when grabbed and inspected by one of the lesser Amygdalas.
  • At the start of Nightmare of Mensis on the road leading up to Mergo's Loft there is a light that when active causes Frenzy buildup. This Frenzy is special in that it also inflicts damage continuously as the meter is filling up, with the damage per second being dependent on how full the meter is. The light is active when the player is "seen" by it, making it safe to stay behind cover and wait for the meter to clear.




  • Getting hit by an attack that causes Frenzy will start to fill up a meter on the screen. Once the meter is completely full the player will be frenzied and take a considerable amount of damage, making it similar to Bleed from previous Souls games.
  • Frenzied attacks will not fill up the meter by some amount instantly but will instead cause it to start building up. This means that even though the enemy inflicting the frenzy is dead the meter might still be filling.
  • After a short period of time the meter will stop filling and slowly drain back down.
  • If the player is fully frenzied they will be immune to being inflicted by Frenzy for a few seconds. This also clears the buildup unless there is still a source of Frenzy.
  • Damage taken from Frenzy cannot be regained through the use of Rally.(Actually, if you visceral while the bar reaches Frenzy, you lose no health at all, as far as I have seen on my own play through.)
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