Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun

In-Game Description

This is a highly-customized, portable version of the
stationary gatling gun operated by the old hunter Djura in
Old Yharnam. It was the weapon of choice of the youngest
of Djura's three companions.

The Gatling Gun boasts exceptional rapid-firing
functionality, but is considered a cumbersome weapon, due
to its excessive weight and insatiable consumption of
Quicksilver Bullets.


  • Hunter's Nightmare treasure. Dropped by the Gatling Gun hunter at the entrance to the Blood Starved Beast's lair, near the river of blood.

General Information

Name Attack
QS Bullet
Durability Special Attack
Attribute Requirement
Attribute Bonus
Gatling Gun 0/80/0/0/0 1/second 200 0/0/100/100 28/12/0/0




Name Attack
Attribute Bonus
Blood Gem
Materials Cost Blood
Gatling Gun +0 0/80/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 0 - -
Gatling Gun +1 0/90/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 1 3x Blood Stone Shard 280
Gatling Gun +2 0/100/0/0/0 -/-/E/- 1 5x Blood Stone Shard 340
Gatling Gun +3 00/0/0 -/-/E/- 1 8x Blood Stone Shard 380
Gatling Gun +4 00/0/0 -/-/E/- 1 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Gatling Gun +5 00/0/0 -/-/E/- 1 5x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Gatling Gun +6 00/0/0 -/-/D/- 1 8x Twin Blood Stone Shards ?
Gatling Gun +7 00/0/0 -/-/D/- 1 3x Blood Stone Chunk ?
Gatling Gun +8 00/0/0 -/-/D/- 1 5x Blood Stone Chunk 620
Gatling Gun +9 0//0/0/0 -/-/D/- 1 8x Blood Stone Chunk 680
Gatling Gun +10 0/0/0/0/0 -/-/D/- 1 1x Blood Rock ?

Blood Gem Imprints

  • Circle
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