Gehrman, The First Hunter


Gehrman, The First Hunter
  • Gehrman is an elderly hunter who resides in the Hunter's Dream. Upon visiting the Dream for the first time, Gehrman introduces himself as a sort of guide to Hunters and offers many tips as to what Hunters should do on their journey.
  • Throughout your journey Gehrman may disappear from his usual spot inside the house. He can be found snoozing behind the house near the Stump Messenger.
  • Gehrman serves as the final boss, given you chose the correct endings.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Kind
First 14.293 128.000 Neutral

Info Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
NG 150 150 150 150 65 65 70 999 999


Item Notes
Old Hunter Badge


  • This boss can only be fought if you refuse Gehrman's offer.
  • If the player has not found and consumed at least three Third Umbilical Cord items, this will be the last boss.
  • The umbilical cords can be consumed at any point before defeating this boss, in order to unlock the Moon Presence.
  • Strangely, he appears to be wearing different clothes during this fight, including a Top Hat, Charred Hunter Garb, and Henryk's Hunter Gloves (doesn't appear to have stolen anyone's pants).
  • Appears to not drop any blood echoes in successive game cycles, making his first new game encounter the only time you will get anything from him.

Weaknesses & Resistances

  • Near-immunity to Bolt, Fire, and Arcane damage.

Attack Patterns

  • A quick scythe combo, up to three swings.
  • Heavy, but highly telegraphed chop that will knock you down, followed by a quick spin move.
  • Similar upward slice that flings you into the air, where he chops you back down.
  • Dashing forward and pulls the scythe back around you, leaving you open for a follow-up attack.
  • Charging forward and into the air while spinning the scythe, then landing with a chop. Sometimes used after the scythe pull.
  • Transforms his weapons at about 66% health, using a faster sword and firing his blunderbuss.
  • Fires his blunderbuss after most dashes, and at the end of some combos. It is a unique weapon that is unavailable to the player, with very long range and heavy hitstun.
  • Sometimes two-hands his gun, firing a single shot which staggers you as if parried (easy to avoid with strafing or side dashing).
  • A forward-dashing stab, which curves around to his right to avoid bullets.
  • Slashing many times with the sword in quick succession, finishing off with a gunshot.
  • Three heavier strikes with the sword, which are still quite fast.
  • If you start to combo him, he may dash back, then charge forward with a stab.
  • At about 33% health, he performs the Art of Quickening, increasing his speed further and alternating between sword and scythe. He is open during the transition.
  • All of his attacks become faster, and his dodge becomes a teleport.
  • Charges up for a very long time, creating a massive and highly damaging explosion of bluish energy(can be executed multiple times, each explosion dealing more damage than the last and buffing Gehrman's own attacks).
  • Flies into the air and levitates, slashing his scythe, which creates an explosion of force on the ground ( dodge backwards or forwards to avoid,a side dash will leave you still in the path of the projectile).
  • Teleporting past the player, slashing them with his scythe as he goes.

General Strategy

  • This boss is incredibly fast and mobile, each of his attacks taking less than a second, and moving him forward dramatically. Luckily he is fought in an enormous arena, so there's always time to just dodge back and heal. It's a good idea to just avoid his attacks at first, getting a feel for the timing, although he's usually open to an attack or two once he finishes a combo. If you can get his timing down, Visceral Attacks are great against him.
  • While he's transforming his weapon, you can interrupt him, but it's very hard to do as the transformation is very quick. His sword is also much faster than the scythe, and is difficult to parry. Making matter worse is the blunderbuss, which he will use very frequently, making his patterns very unpredictable, as he may follow a dash or roll with a sword attack or blunderbuss shot, making this phase much more difficult. He will sometimes perform a very long combo of controlled slashes, which is a very good time to shoot him, almost guaranteeing a stagger. Try to stay close to him when he has his sword out, dashing towards or around him to get hits in at the end of a combo
  • When he is preparing his third phase, he is open for a very long time, giving the player a good chance for several free hits. However, his attacks are much faster now, and much harder to parry. If at any point he stops and starts charging up energy, run as far away as you can to avoid the imminent explosion.



  • Gehrman is fought in a huge field of white flowers, with a dirt path leading up to the tree. The area is slightly inclined, and dotted with crosses, which can be destroyed by Gehrman's attacks. The arena is enormous, with plenty of space for retreating and healing.


When starting boss fight

  • Dear oh dear, what was it? The hunt, the blood or the horrible dream?

Oh, it doesn't matter.
It always comes down to the hunter's helper to clean up after these sorts of messes.
Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt…

When killed

  • The night, and the dream, were long…
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