Grab Damage Reduction


During certain grab attack animations, damage may be reduced by mashing buttons to escape more quickly.


Rapidly tap any one of the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, or R2), or the face buttons (Square, Triangle, X, and O). Some players may prefer to alternate between buttons, like R1 and L1, in order to press buttons quickly, though it is not necessary if a single button is tapped at a sufficient rate on its own.

  • It is sometimes possible to escape certain grabs entirely if buttons are pressed quickly enough just before the grab lands on the player.
  • Some enemies may not have their grab animations ended early, though the player may take zero damage.

The table below clarifies which types of escapes are possible.

Enemy Types

It is confirmed to work on the following enemy types:

Enemy Damage
Escape or
0 Dmg?
Brainsucker Yes ?
Executioner No Yes
Gargoyle Yes No
Serpent Men Yes Yes
Wolf Beast Yes No

It does not work on the following enemies:

  • Byrgenwerth Fly Men
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