Hemwick Grave Woman


Hemwick Grave Woman
  • Followers of the Witch of Hemwick. They wield a variety of weapons. They also appear to be completely unaffected by the Beast Plague, but their insanity more than makes up for it.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes Weaknesses Kind
First Fire Neutral


Item Notes
Blood Vial
Quicksilver Bullets
Molotov Cocktail Dropped by hags throwing molotov cocktails
Tempering Blood Gemstone (1) [4] Triangle
Murky Blood Gemstone (1) [4] Triangle


  • Weakness. age taking its toll on the body. have made the lowerpart of these old hags weak. evidenced by how the stumble whenever they attack. if you roll into them they will stagger heavily letting you attack without them having a chance to retaliate

Attack Patterns

General Strategy




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